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Because SCI Offers Viable, Affordable Solutions for your Infrastructure and Technology Projects and Challenges

SCI Customer Ratings & Reviews are Consistently Excellent

SCI Experience

Servicing customers of all types, sizes, and industries has allowed us to build an understanding of technical requirements ranging from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

SCI Competency

Our project managers, engineers, and technicians received specialized training and have years of valuable hands-on knowledge.

SCI Reliability

We work with you up-front to develop value-engineered plans and specs so we can guarantee our jobs are completed on time, according to spec (or better), and within budget.

SCI Responsiveness

Setting up nimble processes and a national network of partners allows us to be wherever you need us when you need us.

SCI Trust

We strive to build honest partnerships that instill a very high level of client confidence – most of our work is the result of referrals from happy customers.

SCI Quality

You won’t find us cutting corners or taking shortcuts – our work is done to the highest standards and usually exceeds customer expectation.

Many of our employees and customers have been with us for a long time. They have experienced ups and downs, good and bad, but have hung in and stayed loyal to us. Our largest customer several years ago was Washington Mutual Bank (WaMu). Between 1989 and 2008, SCI provided structured cabling for about 1,500 of their 2,200 retail branches. We also built out and supported several of their head office, service facilities, and call centers, providing dedicated staff on site at their primary data center. When WaMu was seized by the Feds in 2008 our world changed dramatically. We survived, however, and many of the people that we worked with at WaMu have moved to other organizations inviting us in to assist them in their new roles. That is a true testament to the strong, honest partnerships we have built and continue to foster.

I'm ready to find out how SCI can help with my technology needs!

"Thank you for the update and the photos. You’re the best vendor I’ve worked with. This was awesome!" - Cheryl Sayers (Client Project Manager, Electric Lightwave)
"I must admit in my 18 years in this industry, I have never worked with a vendor that has been so supportive and detailed oriented as you. You have been amazing to work with." - Jason V. (Network Manager, Nationwide Staffing Co.)
"THANK YOU, SCI, for all of your hard work, stupendous efforts (that exceeded my expectations), and terrific communication. My contacts at SCI (from the technician, PM, and VP levels) have been absolutely TERRIFIC to work with and I cannot express my gratitude enough. The crew has made my projects with them very fluid and seamless." - Kara Duven (National Accounts Project Manager, Communication Innovators)
"Thank you for taking the time to clear any and all concerns that the customer's IT team needed to proceed. Because of your communication and explanation a major problem has been averted." - Kent Thomas (Superintendent, Lakeview Construction)
"I really appreciate the great work you have done for us - I have nothing but praise. It is nice to find a reliable and solid cabling company with good attention to detail." - Thomas Straughn (Director of Operations, Lyon Technical Services)