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Frequently Asked SCI Support Questions

  • What kind of Help Desk service do you provide?

    Answer: The SCI Help Desk is staffed by knowledgeable and experienced technicians available to our clients 24/7. Our core competencies for client support are infrastructure cabling, wireless, Point-of-Sale, telephony, and desktop support. Our Help Desk technicians are experts at troubleshooting issues over the phone and will work with non-technical clients to solve simple issues and keep costs down. We will dispatch a local technician who is highly trained and experienced in the appropriate technology once we determine the need for a site visit. This will be an SCI technician or a technician from our national network of trusted subcontractors. You can expect a quick response to on-site emergencies or routine service issues because of our national reach.
  • How do you handle support for multi-site national customers?

    Answer: We are flexible in our support for multi-site national customers. Customers of this type usually have a remedy ticket process that we can easily adapt to as defined by the customer. Our standard process is to receive tickets through a system request or through a customer identified point of contact. Our Help Desk technicians will contact customer site contacts and begin the process of troubleshooting or dispatching a technician to the site if needed. SCI will also meet customer defined Service Level Agreements and provide reporting on trouble ticket resolution based on customer requirements.
  • Do you provide emergency support for non-customers?

    Answer: Yes. SCI can easily establish a new client as a customer and begin to troubleshoot issues even if our technician is unfamiliar with the customer environment. Our Help Desk technicians will work with the customer site contact and will dispatch a technician if required. Our experience in our core competencies allows us to solve nearly all outages a customer may experience and we will do our best to dispatch a technician in a timely fashion for your emergency even if you are a new customer.
  • What is the pricing structure associated with your Help Desk support?

    Answer: Our pricing for our Help Desk support is consistent with industry practices. It includes a fee for the Help Desk technician for troubleshooting and coordination of the onsite technician if a site visit is required. It also includes the actual repair time incurred by our technician for a site visit. Our pricing is usually based on time and materials, but we often develop specific agreements with our clients for pricing.
  • We currently have an old cabling network in place that isn’t able to keep up with current technology. What would you recommend for new network cabling?

    Answer: Low voltage cabling has several options that will suit your company’s needs depending on your financial budget and network requirements. Low voltage network cabling starts out with Category 5e rated copper cable (sometimes Category 3 is still used for voice). Category 5e cabling meets the entry level standards of the current industry codes and is the most cost effective. The increase in Category level performance ratings will increase the cost of the low voltage infrastructure. After the Category 5e starting point, you have additional Category ratings that will improve your network’s performance. The next levels would be Category 5e+, Category 6, and Category 6A. The cables come in a variety of cable jackets and shielding so that they can be installed in multiple types of work environments. SCI would be more than happy to help you and your team determine which system would work best for your current and future low voltage network requirements.
  • We have a campus environment that has several buildings that we would like to connect together. What are some options that you would suggest for the interconnection?


    • Fiber cabling is always a good place to start. You can have multiple high speed connections in a small form cable. You also have the option of a Multi-Mode cable (MM) for shorter distances and a Single-Mode (SM) fiber cable for long distance installations. These cables come in many varieties depending on your environmental conditions and can include armored, Outside Plant (OSP), plenum rated, and riser rated cabling.
    • You can also install a copper solution depending on the requirements of your network. Copper comes in several category ratings that start with Category 3 cable that is good for POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Service), up to a Category 6A cable that is capable of connection speeds up to 10G. These cables also come in a variety of sheathings and applications that allow you to install in different environments – from harsh industrial to directly burying them into the ground.
    • If cabling between buildings in not an option, we would also be able to install a Direct Connect Wireless solution. This is also known as a Wireless Mesh Network. This system utilizes line of sight between two antennas to connect the buildings networks together.

Other Thought Provoking Questions

  • I'm new in my IT department and my boss has unrealistic expectations on delivery and timing to resolve outages and repair issues. What can you do to help me?

    Answer: The SCI Help Desk will essentially become an extension of your team. Troubleshooting and resolving your site outage will become our priority based on agreements we establish with your company. You can expect quick resolution anywhere in the country and SCI will provide documentation to you as required to explain the repair that was completed. Our timely responses to the outage and the quality of our work will satisfy even the most demanding boss.
  • I'm the boss and I don't feel like I have unrealistic expectations. What can you do to satisfy my company's requirements?

    Answer: You can expect that outages will be identified and repaired as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on the productivity of your work force. SCI provides easy access to our Help Desk technicians and we will work quickly to resolve issues through our troubleshooting over the phone or through dispatch of an on-site technician. As we work with you and develop knowledge of your work environment, we become valuable members of your team and through our experience with your sites will more quickly solve repair issues. We can establish Service Level Agreements and reporting, as defined by you, so that you may track and evaluate our performance.
  • How do you deal with our network and physical security restrictions?

    Answer: SCI has been entrusted by the largest financial institutions and government entities to work in their data centers and other sensitive areas. We mitigate risk by becoming familiar with your policies and protocols before a job even begins. And we have strict internal security requirements and screenings for all of our project managers and technicians.

  • Why should we choose SCI over one of your competitors?

    Answer: Simply put – we will get the job done efficiently and effectively. SCI has a proven record of providing Help Desk support across a variety of technologies to major customers in many industries. We have demonstrated through our many years of providing Help Desk support that we are responsive, proactive, and experienced problem solvers. You’ll find us to be your most “low maintenance” contractor – tell us what you need done and we’ll do it right the first time!

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